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Skiing the Classic Volcanoes of Chile. 15-23 September

Skiing the volcanoes of Chile - a perfect combination of great skiing from big peaks, stunning scenery and fascinating culture!
The Andes are the longest mountain range in the world, stretching 7000km through South America. In Chile they run from the Atacama Desert to the highest peaks of the Andes and on to the rain forests and mountains of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Somewhere in these mountains must be good skiing...and some of the best is on the volcanoes of southern Chile.
These volcanoes offer fantastic ski touring possibilities, surrounded by a landscape of forests, lakes and mountains. During September and early October, these volcanoes offer up prime skiing conditions. Heavy storms bring precipitation during the winter months, but in September, spring and more stable weather arrives. While it is possible to get powder skiing, the volcanoes are famous for their corn snow skiing!
What more - there is fascinating culture to experience, fantastic food and hot springs, and you get to look into craters of active volcanoes.

I have spent a total of over a year in South America and skied some of these volcanoes. This trip is run in cooperation with Donny Roth and Chile Powder Adventures. Donny is an AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) Ski Guide, who calls Chile his second home. Together we bring a lot of local knowledge into this trip. Donny`s trip are fairly exclusive, so being able to bring a group into his program is a great opportunity.

There are dozens of volcanoes in this area, each with their own character and adventure. Between us, we have skied most of them; but there are several that standout as fantastic peaks for people looking to get the most of a limited amount of time in Chile. Each has their own character, from technical difficulty to commitment level to skiing challenge.

Dates: 15-23 September
Price: 3200 USD / 2740 EUR / 26160 NOK. This includes guiding by ACMG/AMGA-certified guides, lodging, all food, some alcohol, ground transportation during the trip, and hot spring visits.


Meet in Temuco on September 15th. Skking from there 16-19th
Use the town of Malacahuello as a base for three days with the goal of skiing the volcanoes Lonquimay (2865m), Sierra Nevada (2554m) and Llaima (3125m). There are fantastic hot springs and restaurants in the area, as well.

Move from Malalcahuello to Pucón on the 19th. Ski there 20-22nd.
From Pucón we aim to ski volcanoes Villarrica (2847m) and Quetrupillan (2360m). Again, when we're not skiing, we'll be sharing great meals and soaking in natural hot springs. 23rd is departure day.